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   The attorneys of the firm are communicating with our clients via E-mail, every day. You could also get in contact with each attorney of the firm by E-mail. If you are not current client of the firm and trying obtaining legal advice from the firm, please set up an appointment in advance. In order to avoid client conflict, the firm could not accept confidential information or factual details that you try to provide us to get legal advice. It would be appreciated if you become our client, in order to get better legal advice from the firm.

Industrial property law

Schedule of official fees

Schedule of attorney fees
Here is the schedule of attorney fees.
You are welcome to contact Mr. Mitsumata for cost estimation. (mitsumata@tokyo-hirakawa.gr.jp)

Form of General Power of Attorney
Here is the Form of General Power of Attorney.

Our Patent Filing Procedure before JPO
1. Filing a patent application:
Our Firm translates an freign patent specification into Japanese and files it as translated.
2. Filing a request for patentability examination:
Our Firm files the request and also amends pending Japanese claims in accordance with the foreign patent claims, if issues and necessary.
3. Rejection by an Examiner of JPO:
Our Firm translates a reason for rejection and parts of cited references .
4. Amendment & Remarks against the Office Action:
Our Firm prepares Amendment & Remarks in Japanese, translates them into English which sent to the Client and files them after approval.
Alternatively, Our Firm prepares them in accordance with the Client's instruction.
5. Final rejection by the examiner:
The final rejection may indicate that some claims are patentable and others not. In such a case, an appeal would be lodged for patetable claims only and dvisional application would be filed for non-patentable claims for safe.
It is to be noted that the all of the claims would be rejected because it inclueds non-patentable claims in the appeal.

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