TOKYO-HIRAKAWA is an international law firm established in 1987 and one of the most prestigious, especially in the field of intellectual property matters, law firms. TOKYO-HIRAKAWA is supporting patent license negotiation and drafting agreements for foreign clients in addition to patent and trademark prosecution before Japanese Patent Office. TOKYO-HIRAKAWA has also extensive experience representing central and local government clients before Courts. Base upon these experiences, TOKYO-HIRAKAWA could, in turn, provide foreign clients with our expertise how to follow specific Japanese regulation.
   TOKYO-HIRAKAWA enjoys good reputation in the academic area too. TOKYO-HIRAKAWA published various kinds of papers together with professors of Universities in the field of intellectual property matters. Furthermore, Keio, Sophia and Chuo Universities retain attorneys of TOKYO-HIRAKAWA as professors and a lecturer of their law school respectively. This leads to a fact that a discussion asserted by TOKYO-HIRAKAWA before Courts are persuasive and relatively easy to be accepted by Judge. Therefore, TOKYO-HIRAKAWA is one of the most popular and reputable law firms among lawyers, industries and students of schools of law.
   We are willing to teleconference, videoconference or visit your office, upon your request, to prepare tailor-made legal services. Please do not hesitate to contact us, prior to your business development in Japan.
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