Office facilities
We believe that state-of-the-art telecommunication devises or software build better relationship or communication between the firm and our clients. We are not reluctant to invest in these matters, to increase efficiency and to reduce cost for our clients. We are also willing to tailor our telecommunication software to meet our clients’ software.

Internet Disk
It is not believed to be appropriate to send big messages via E-mail for security reason. The firm share same disks on the Internet with our clients, to transfer big volume of data between the firm and our clients. Both of the firm and our clients could access to the same data through the same passwords. Thus, we can avoid use of facsimile letter and paper works.

Web-based E-mail
Our clients could anytime access to the attorneys of the firm, even when they are not in Japan. The attorneys could, in turn, access to their clients through the Web-based E-mail as well as the documents via the Internet disk, as long as he can access to the Internet.

Video Conferencing
Our clients could anytime have meetings with the firm using video conferencing facilities. This leads to cost-effectiveness and eliminating business trips. This is out of service now.

Offering a visitor’s desk with computer and a cellular phone
Our clients may need to visit their customers or business partners in Tokyo. It is not always easy for foreigners in Japan to access the Internet or to call their headquarters from Japan. Under this condition, we offer a desk with computer and cellular phone to such a client. The firm could also offer an interpreter for your meeting with Japanese, upon your request. The firm hopes that visitors of our clients accomplish better results or achieve better performance using these facilities. Needless to say, clerk or secretary of the firm could support our foreign clients during their stay in Tokyo.
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