The firm’s practice area ranges from pure legal matters to business consulting: i.e.

setting up corporation/business;

negotiations with governmental bodies;

Commercial transaction including license negotiation;

intellectual property matters including patent & trademark prosecution;

employment/labor matters;


antitrust counseling;

anti-dumping counseling;

international trade and investment counseling;

litigation and

real estate transaction.

   When foreign corporation develops his business in Japan, the firm performs necessary procedures to establish a corporation and advise them on how to access Japanese markets, how to negotiate with Japanese central and local governments, how to deal with local workers, how and where to establish their business, how and where to find business partners, how to respond consumerism and so on.
   The firm advises foreign management especially on Japanese labor custom such as a life employment system, a corporate labor union system, negotiation with labor union and how to cope with them. Fortunately, the firm retains lawyers who have worked for Japanese central and local governments, this personal network in governmental body could be great help to find contact points and where problems would be.
   In addition to the above-mentioned services, the firm represents our clients with respect to litigation involving all of substantive area of law.
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